Internet Explorer 9

I've download Internet Explorer 9 recently and installed it on my computer.

Microsoft has claim to have 2.3 million download so far which is of course a huge number.
Previously Microsoft had some problems with consumer due to security issues of the previous Internet Explorer.

Of course as we know Windows 7 and Internet Explorer are both developed by Microsoft. Therefore Microsoft is using that advantage to ensure best performance and interface when using IE 9 with Windows 7.
I so far find it kinda okay and nice but of course I can't use some script on IE9

It allows you to pin your favourite website at your taskbar which is of course possible since Windows 7 is developed by Microsoft

It says that it allows you to do searches directly from Bing. But of couse if you realised, my search doesn't show the image of xbox like what Microsoft shows in their site

Most frequently visited site - It shows you the status of the site for instance "very active"

You can also start InPrivate Browsing. This is the Microsoft version of Google Incognito

Overall it seems nice to me. Will try to use it and see whats so great about it

Until Den

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